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Personalized Learning
Saves you time

Our algorithms have advanced beyond just being adaptive to provide a personalized learning experience designed to save you valuable time and understand concepts quicker.

We use research-based learning science to optimize your cognitive ability and improve your results. Combining academic excellence with technical innovation to better prepare and connect students globally.

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Learn & Practice
With superior content

Apptuto provides you with everything you need to learn, breaking the material down into individual topics that are easier to master.

With the most advanced practice engine, you can test yourself with greater control over your mock exams, to help cement and retain your knowledge.

All our content is written by our world class academic faculty, who are on hand to make sure you are fully prepared on all topics before you sit your exam.

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Our platform has proven to be very effective
helping more candidates to pass their exam

Powerful Analytics
Understand your weaknesses

Apptuto's performance analysis provides feedback on your progress, strengths, and weaknesses.

Gain insight into what you have mastered and what needs more work so you can spend your time more efficiently.


Learning, Gamified
Stay engaged

Be rewarded for your progress and performance with Gemstones and Progress Points.

While keeping track of your curriculum understanding through Proficiency Badges. The more you practice, the more you (l)earn, ensuring you're better prepared for the exam.

Study on the go

Apptuto makes your breaks and commutes more productive. Seamlessly syncing your progress across multiple devices including desktop, tablet and mobile.

Our native iOS and Android applications feature an offline mode to ensure that you are always ready to learn, wherever you are.



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