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Apptuto Premium
Our self study solution

Personalized Learning

Apptuto goes beyond adaptive learning with our AI personalized learning engine

Practice Anytime, Anywhere

Designed for the web and mobile, Apptuto is simple to use, convenient and engaging.

Apptuto Premium
Our self study solution

Learning, Gamified

Make your studying engaging, as the key to passing your exam is practice.

Smarter Studying, Together!

Find candidates near you to reinforce your learning through study groups.

Know Your Weakest Areas

Apptuto's powerful analytics track your progress to discover your weakest areas.

Trusted, Quality Content

We source our learning material and question content from experienced tutors and lecturers

Apptuto Live
Study with a coach

You'll begin Apptuto Live with a feeling of excitement and anticipation. We've developed a leading teaching curriculum and interactive courses to help you supercharge your career. 16 weeks later, and after many hours of personalised tuition from our world-class teachers, you'll be confident to sit your exam. Apptuto Live is, above all else, a world-class learning environment.

Apptuto Live is a fully immersive interactive classroom experience. We use cutting edge technology to create an environment designed to support you. We will also pair you with a mentor for 1-on-1 coaching, who will provide you with personal feedback on your progress and improving your scores, making sure you excel.

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What other candidates are saying

"I have been having a lot of fun with Apptuto. I really like it so far and I think it's a very compelling platform to practice for my exam. I have access to other platforms and by far this is the most exciting."
Joe Stevenson
from Australia
"I have explored the trial version of Apptuto and loved it! I really think the app would be very helpful throughout my preparation to taking the exam."
Cristie Jones
from Arizona
"I was after something that had content I could trust, and the fact that Apptuto is part of the CFA Prep Provides Program really gave me that confidence. Amazing set of features too!"
Matt Bradford
from California

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We understand that everyone studies in different ways

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  • Personalized Study Planner
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  • Apptuto Bootcamp
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  • Everything in Apptuto Premium
  • Plus:
  • 4 Day Intensive Bootcamp
  • Recording of Sessions
  • 1-on-1 Coaching
  • Access until you pass
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  • Apptuto Live
  • $1499
  • Everything in Apptuto Premium
  • Plus:
  • 16 Weeks of Live Online Classes
  • Recording of Sessions
  • 1-on-1 Coaching
  • Access until you pass
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